Feeding the Discus

When feeding discus it is important to differentiate the various growth stages. Small fish in their first days need nourishment at least 18 hours a day. As they grow older, this requirement decreases and the discus can stock more food in its body and thus the number of feedings is decreased.

Based on our experience at "Danziger - Discus", fish that are in the stage of between five cm. to 10 cm. it would be advisable to feed them small portions, 6-8 times a day and gradually switch to 4 times a day when they reach 10 cm. When the fish have matured (12-18 months), two feedings a day is sufficient.

Discus Nourishment
You will find that there are actually a number of nourishment arrangements. Some prefer an assorted diet such as bloodworms, white worms, Baby brine Shrimp and etc.

We at 'Danziger - Discus' believe in simplicity, and feed only dry, top quality nourishment such as Tetra Discus. Danziger Discus's are being fed only on Tetra Discus diet!
If you chooses to feed the discus with assorted food then its source should not be from sweet water such as the white worms and the Baby Brine Shrimp.

The dry nourishment contains vitamins and minerals vital for the discus and is balanced and safe to use. It keeps the fish healthy and enables amateurs to feed the fish in a simple and convenient manner.

Those who wish to 'spoil' their discuses may diversify the feedings with several different dry foods (preferably top quality) and what is found suitable for the discus.